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Throwing Knives - What is the best throwing knife?

Throwing knives like many items we buy online are distorted by the way online sales are made.  If you look at all the articles that pretend to have knowledge on "The Ten Best Throwing Knives" or "Ranking the Top 10 Throwing Knives" you will notice that they link to Amazon or another sales site and recommend throwers for an Amazon commission.  Most look like they are written by someone who has never held, that'll own thrown, a knife.  They tend to recommend cheaper knives because they are more likely to make the sale.

Vintage Throwing Knife Scene

Common problems with throwing knives:

1) Knife too light and floats when thrown

2) Handle not ergonomic. Does not feel good in the hand

3) Knife not balanced

4) Handle scales breaking, handle wrap unravelling

5) Knife breaking on impact

6) No ability to retain the sharp point with frequent use. Poor steel.

Of course choosing a knife style is personal but when I see the Amazon "experts" putting the Smith & Wesson throwing knife sets as #1 choice I know it is because they are cheap and allow the seller enough margin for the Amazon cut.  But the best knives they are not.  Admittedly they are cheaper than the knives I would suggest and perhaps that's the point.  You get what you pay for!

Please do not try this at home kids!

Throwing Knife Safety

3 examples of excellent throwing knives that I have used, tested, own and have thrown many times.

1.  SpyderThrowers Harald Moeller’s Spyder Throwing Knives - Large  (Come in 3 sizes, go for large)  Sticks every time!

2. Gil Hibben Gen X Pro Large  Heavy knife, land with a thud, works really well.

3. Gil Hibben Large 1st Generation Thrower  This knife is lighter than the knives above, a smaller knife, elegant.  Can be sharpened as a hunting knife but with excellent throwing attributes.

Knives that did not make the list but I own and have tested and thrown.

Boker Magnum (Look nice but comparitively expensive and break on impact really easily)

Smith & Wesson Bullseye - I tried the 8" and the 10" and was underwhelmed.  Broke a few, they did not retain a good edge and do not feel good in the hand.

Knife throwing gets you in the zone

Once you've got your knife set, whichever set you choose, remember that knife throwing is about getting in the zone:  Lot's of practice so the throw becomes instinct. 

Getting in the zone, focusing the mind