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Waterproof wax matches
Stormproof waterproof matches
waterproof wax matches

Elite Forces Survival Waterproof And Stormproof Matches - 40 Count

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These superior Elite Forces Survival Waterproof Matches are Stormproof Matches and burn in the strongest wind and rain situations. The matches are wax-coated to make them waterproof and come in a durable, bright orange canister with a built-in striking paper. This is a package of two containers with 20 matches in each. They're perfect for camping, hiking, and emergency survival situations. Don't get caught out without them!

  • Light a fire in the worst conditions
  • Wax-coated for waterproofing
  • Durable bright orange canister
  • Built-in striking paper
  • Includes 40 matches overall
  • Two containers in package