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Hibben first thrower design
Hibben 1st Generation Throwing knife
Hibbens Elegant Thrower

Gil Hibben Large Triple Thrower Set - 1st Generation

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This thrower is often referred to as 1st Generation.  It is lighter, smaller, more compact than the larger 2nd and 3rd generation Hibben throwing knives.  Whereas those knives have heft this knife is elegant.  It is a Hibben so it is balanced and well made but this is more of a real hunting knife with perfect throwing qualities. If I had to choose which set of throwers to take with me to Armageddon, this would be the set.

The original Hibben throwing knife, based on Gil's own karate knife design, also doubles as a functional hunting knife. Each stainless steel knife is perfectly balanced to assure uniform rotation when thrown properly. The knives come in a leather belt sheath. The most popular and most imitated throwing knife on the market today.

  • Designed for the perfect throw every time
  • One piece 420 stainless steel construction
  • Design can be sharpened for an excellent hunting knife
  • Perfectly balanced for throwing
  • 3/16" blade thickness
  • Leather belt sheath
  • Overall length: 8 1/2"
  • Three in the set