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M48 Deluxe Hard Case Survival Tool Box Kit
Hunting Fishing Outdoor Sports Gear Survival Kit

M48 Hard Case Deluxe Survival Tool Box Kit

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The M48 Deluxe Hard Case Survival Tool Box Kit is a full-on survival kit that is compact enough to go in your vehicle, outdoor sport, or bugout bag. The kit is inside a heavy-duty ABS hard case. This kit includes:

  • An emergency tent.
  • An ultra-bright, 10-lumen keychain LED flashlight and a mini tactical 350-lumen LED flashlight with a pocket clip.
  • A multi-purpose paracord bracelet that has an integrated emergency whistle and small flint rod with a striker is also included.
  • There is a heavy-duty, aircraft aluminum tactical ink pen with a carbide tip, glass breaker top and a pocket clip.
  • Also, included is a large ferrocerium rod flint with a steel striker, with an integrated ruler and bottle opener, attached by a lanyard cord.
  • There is a lightweight map compass with dual scale rulers, hanging on a neck cord, and a high-frequency, aluminum whistle on a keychain.
  • You’ll also find a mini work tool pocket card that has 11 integrated tools and it comes in a vinyl pouch with an instruction card.
  • A tough aluminum-handled, 7-in-1 multi-tool pliers in a nylon belt pouch is included, featuring screwdrivers, a file, awl, bottle opener, can opener and a sharp knife blade.
  • The additional survival tools included are a strong handsaw and a TPU keychain emergency whistle with an integrated seatbelt cutter and spring action glass breaker.
  • The kit comes in a 7 1/2”x 4 1/2” tough, waterproof TPU case, which has four snap locks and two integrated lashing holes.