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MUV Nomad Adaptable Water Filter
MUV Nomad Nanalum Water Filter
MUV Personal Hydration Water Filter

MUV Nomad Package Nanalum Electrostatic Water Filter

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Virus and bacteria protection in a bottle.  Whether you are travelling through a third-world country, visiting a beach in the Caribbean or your are packing your bag for any survival situation, the Nomad will make sure your drinking water is safe.

MUV Nanalum. The technology used in Nanalum was developed by NASA as a way to reuse waste water on the International Space Station. The Nanalum module has a strong positive electrostatic charge when wet and attracts and traps organic contaminants. Nanalum removes viruses, bacteria, protozoa, parasites, heavy metals and chemicals.

Nanalum electrostatic filter technology. Perfect for traveling the world, filters chemicals, heavy metals, bacteria, and viruses, 99.999% of bacteria (Giardia, eColi, Cryptosporidium), 99.99% of viruses, blocks sediment and large particulate, improves water taste and clarifies water. Filter capacity: 90 gallons. Includes: MUV3 Nanalum filter, out+28 assembly, hose adapter, water bottle, and bottle tube (included in water bottle). Boxed

Heavy Metals - Iron and lead

Chemicals - Chlorine, arsenic, fertilizers, pesticides, diesel fuel etc.

Microbiology / Bacteria -  Giardia, eColi, Cholera, Cryptosporidium, Protozoan Cysts and more

Viruses - Hepititas A, Polio, Typhoid, enterovisuses and more

Sediment and Water Clarity - Also removes negative taste and improves clarity