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Shikoto Damascus Embassy Wakizashi Sword
Shikoto Damascus Embassy Wakizashi Samurai Sword
Shikoto Wakizashi Sword

Shikoto Damascus Embassy Wakizashi Sword

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The latest from Shikoto, this Embassy Damascus wakizashi features an intricately hand-folded, heat-forged Damascus blade that has been honed to a razor-sharp edge. The heavy, 21 3/8" Damascus steel blade features dual blood grooves, giving this mighty Samuari sword an authentic look and feel. Fine accents including a cast metal tsuba and pommel complete the genuine ray skin and leather-wrapped handle. The solid brass habaki and menuki give the Shikoto Embassy Wakizashi just the right amount of elegance. The coordinating hardwood scabbard features a high-gloss finish with matching cord wrappings.

  • Heavy Damascus steel blade
  • Dual blood grooves span blade
  • Genuine ray skin and leather handle
  • Cast metal tsuba and pommel
  • Brass habaki and menuki
  • Lacquered hardwood scabbard
  • 30 7/8" overall length