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Trailblazer Pocket Rescue Tool Wallet Card
Handy Wallet Sized Rescue Tool Survival Kit

Trailblazer Pocket Rescue Tool Wallet Card

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Convenient and handy best describes this clever Trailblazer Pocket Rescue Tool Wallet Card. The pocket-size and well thought out design makes it a great rescue tool for the glove box in your car, or nap sack pocket for all outdoor adventures.

Unless you keep an emergency kit on your person at all times, it's worthless in a sudden, unexpected crisis. While it's impractical to carry bulky box-sized emergency kits with you all day, every day, with the Pocket Rescue Tool from Trailblazer, if you carry a wallet, you're poised and ready to tackle any emergency, no matter when or where it strikes! No larger than a credit card, the Pocket Rescue Tool slides easily into any standard wallet card pocket. But don't be fooled by its modest size - this compact tool packs big muscle when it comes to emergencies! Extraordinarily versatile, the Pocket Rescue Tool includes four wire strippers, four ASE wrenches, a bottle opener, can opener, screwdriver head, emergency cord, knife blade, ruler, and inclinometer in one 3 5/16" wide x 2 1/8" high x 1/16" thick metal "card." Forged from tough, corrosion resistant steel, the Pocket Rescue Tool is designed to perform effectively and without failure in some of the most challenging conditions on the planet. It's not just for emergencies! The Pocket Rescue Tool is also great for a host of everyday repairs or adjustments - loose screws, quick measurements, stray wires and so much more! Don't bet your life or the life of your loved ones on emergency supplies you may or may not have immediately available when disaster strikes. Slide Trailblazer's Pocket Rescue Tool in your wallet, and always be ready for a host of emergency scenarios (or fast repairs!), whenever and wherever they transpire! Makes an excellent Father's Day, birthday, Christmas or anytime gift!

  • If you always carry a wallet, you'll always be prepared
  • Multiple emergency tools in one wallet-sized "card"
  • Wire strippers, wrenches, bottle and can openers
  • Screwdriver head, cord, knife blade and more
  • Forged from tough corrosion resistant steel
  • Also great for everyday repairs and more
  • 3 5/16" wide x 2 1/8" high x 1/16" thick