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Covid-19 has shut down all our retail locations! But we are still shipping.

As the Covid-19 virus marches towards the inevitable wave we are all busy washing our hands and watching the news in isolation.

Surviving Covid-19 is still open for shipping and are still taking orders in this time of uncertainty.  We are protecting our employees by only allowing 1 person at each of our 2 locations.  1 shipper in Napanee and 1 shipper in Toronto.  Ottawa is closed and no-one is picking up except the carriers.

It is still impossible to say how long this is going to go on but it is interesting to note that politicians and pundits are now freely discussing 6 months to a year.  Just a week ago most were discussing in terms of a month or two.

As time passes my Covid-19 Survival Strategy is looking more and more interesting: A hideout in the forest with everything needed to survive is becoming more appealing.  We are just putting the shipping container in place:

Covid-19 Survival Strategy

 An insulated shipping container with a door and a window is less than $7500.  Survival in style!  I'm going to setup a wood stove and get cosy.  There's a cellphone tower very close so handling the online store and fulfilling orders will not be a problem!  So no worries we are still shipping.