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Collection: 2Cr13MoV Blade Steel

2Cr13MoV is a Chinese made stainless steel widely used in the knife making industry.  The XCr13MoV standard is an easy way to assess knife quality with the X indicating Carbon / Chromium content.  Higher the number higher the content. So 8Cr13MoV steel contains more Carbon / Chromium than 2Cr13MoV. 2Cr13MoV will not be as hard as and and have poorer edge retention than 8Cr13MoV. In many cases 2Cr13MoV is used where edge retention is not an issue.
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  • B.M.F.™ Tri-Edged Heavy Spear With Zippered Case - Titanium Finish
    BMF Tri-Edged Heavy Spear
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