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Kutters Knives Ottawa - Swords, Throwing Knives, Sword Canes.

Covid-19 Ottawa Announcement

Due to the current Covid-19 pandemic we are closed but:
Open online and for phone orders.  We are still shipping!


 We are open in Ottawa for walk in sales on Preston Street of many brands of knives, swords and sword canes.  We also have the widest selection in Ottawa of Throwing Knives available from many different manufacturers.

  • Gil Hibben
  • Kutters Knives
  • Kit Rae
  • Harald Moeller
  • United Cutlery
  • Black Ronin
  • Spyderco
 Kit Rae Swords Gil Hibben Swords Kutter Ottawa Swords and Knives
Hibben Knives Throwing Knife Sets and Pro Throwers Fixed Blade Knives


We are open in Ottawa in Little Italy on Preston Street.

169 Preston Street
Ottawa, ON K1R 7P6

Hours are limited: 

Thursdays Noon till 7pm

Fridays 9am to 7pm

Saturday 9am to 1pm.

You can order online and pickup, you can swing by and take a look or we can ship to your address.

For the Ottawa Sword, Axe and Knife community we would also like to say genuinely sorry to see Kutters Knives went into liquidation.  I personally bought my first set of throwing knives in that store a while back.  It is increasingly hard for small business to survive with the extremely high cost of commercial rent.  Support Ottawa business, Buy Local!  Because when all small business has gone the big guys will begin to gouge.