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Exotac Firesleeve Classic Bic Sleeve
Exotac Firesleeve Lighter Case
Exotac Firesleeve Classic BIC sleeve case Orange
Exotac Firesleeve Lighter Case Orange

Firesleeve Lighter Case for standard BIC lighters

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The fireSLEEVE is a waterproof lighter case engineered to transform your trusty BIC Classic lighter into an elite piece of outdoor gear.  While capped, it keeps your flint dry and prevents the gas button from being depressed accidentally.  It has a gas lock feature that holds the button down allowing you to keep your thumb out of the fire zone.

Transform a classic BIC lighter into a survival equipment necessity.

For use with a Bic Classic lighter (not included). Waterproof to 1 meter for 30 minutes. Floats. Gas lock allows you to keep fingers away from flame. Attachments on cap and body. GRN nylon cap. Soft rubber body