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Hibben GEN-X Triple Set
Gil Hibben Throwers
GEN-X Throwing Knife
Triple Throwers in Sheath

Gil Hibben GEN-X Pro - Small Triple Throwing Knife Set

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This thrower is substantial but small.  This is a knife that you flick with the rest more than throw.  Extremely well balanced and a beautiful piece of honed steel. The thick design of this knife gives it heft despite the small size which makes them easy to carry.

Designed by Gil Hibben, who is a master knife maker, an avid knife thrower, and author of the Hibben knife-throwing guide, the Generation X is Gil's updated design of his original throwers. Constructed with one-piece of tempered stainless steel, these throwers feature an ergonomic handle design that guides the hand into the same consistent and accurate release each time they thrown.

  • 3 total throwing knives
  • One piece stainless steel construction
  • Perfectly balanced for throwing
  • Includes durable nylon sheath with hard liner
  • 7" overall length