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Kit Rae Axios Damascus SwordCane
Crimson Damascus Fantasy CaneSword
Kit Rae Cane Sword Handle

Kit Rae Axios Damascus Sword Cane

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Kit Rae is one of the foremost knife and sword designers in the industry with a worldwide following for his unique fantasy weapons including this "Axios Damascus SwordCane," with it's bespoke embellishments.
This new sword cane from Kit Rae abounds with scrupulous details throughout its exceptional design. Locks securely into the cane shaft with a push of the hidden button that releases the blade-locking mechanism Handle: Cast with a heavy metal hilt and fittings; accented with ray skin and genuine leather wrappings Cane shaft: Hardwood construction and is painted black with coordinating accents Blade: razor-sharp Damascus steel Powerful self defense Measures 39" overall.