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Kit Rae Exotath: Dark Edition Sword
Kit Rae Exotath: Dark Edition Sword
Kit Rae Fantasy Sword

Kit Rae Exotath: Dark Edition Fantasy Sword - Commemorates Kit Rae Fantasy Art Line 20th Anniversary - Swords of the Ancients Collection - Wooden Display Plaque, Coin Inset, Art Print and More

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The "Exotath" is back and it's bigger, badder and bolder than ever! Legendary fantasy artist and weapon designer Kit Rae commemorates the 20th anniversary of his renowned fantasy art line with the release of this special "dark" edition of the Exotath. Part of Rae's best-selling "Swords of the Ancients" collection, the Exotath represents fantasy swordcraft at its peak. According to Rae's original "Swords of the Ancients" mythology, the Exotath was wielded by the dark elf Agnemmel, fierce war captain for the sinister, god-like entity known, ominously, as "the Dark One." The blade, the tales say, was forged by Firaneth, greatest of all elven weapon smiths, and allowed Agnemmel to envision the future, giving him great advantage in battle. Impeccably crafted here on earth, this alluringly grim limited edition Exotath features a deeply fullered false-edged stainless steel blade shrouded in a special “dark iron” finish that recalls the brooding, fire-wrought blades of the Middle Ages. A rustic leather-bound blade grip and distinctive 20th anniversary laser etching offset the blade’s shadowy finish, which continues onto the cast metal hilt. Exquisitely detailed and flawlessly cast, the guard’s eye-catching bat-wing design epitomizes Rae’s flair for the fantastical and dark. Mounted on the included wooden display plaque, the Exotath: Dark Edition is undeniably a sight to behold, especially alongside the inset Kit Rae Fantasy Art 20th anniversary commemorative coin. The Exotath, Dark demands attention and admiration - the perfect centerpiece for any room, whether displayed solo or alongside other fantasy weapons in a wall mounted collage. Regardless of how you showcase it, however, this rare Kit Rae masterpiece will be the envy of all who lay eyes on it. Fulfill your wildest sword collecting fantasies and order today! Don't wait another second - supplies of the Dark Edition are extremely limited, and once they're gone, the Exotath will once again fade into legend...

About the Kit Rae Fantasy Art Collection
For two decades, the Kit Rae Fantasy Art line has pushed bladecraft boundaries and blurred the lines between “cutlery” and “art.” Since its inception in 1997, the brand has spawned some of founder and legendary blade designer Kit Rae’s boldest, most inventive work - 50 unique sword, axe and knife designs; a host of companion paintings and illustrations; even a mythological universe, created and penned by Rae himself. Among the most acclaimed of these is the best-selling “Swords of the Ancients” collection, an ongoing series of medieval-inspired fantasy weapons that includes Rae’s favorite sword design, “Exotath.” Commemorates 20th anniversary of United Cutlery’s renowned Kit Rae Fantasy Art line Limited, “dark” edition of the “Exotath,” from Rae’s “Swords of the Ancients” collection Impressive 28 3/4" false-edged stainless steel blade Blade intersected by rustic leather-wrapped blade grip Blade features unique 20th anniversary laser etching Impeccably detailed cast metal hilt; leather-wrapped handle grip Special “dark iron” finish throughout Wooden display plaque with silkscreen graphics, commemorative coin inset Custom Kit Rae art print, certificate of authenticity Overall length: 44 3/4"

  • Fantasy bladecraft at its height - culmination of 20 years of bold, inventive designs; commemorates Kit Rae Fantasy Art line's 20th anniversary
  • Impressive 28 3/4" false-edged 420J2 stainless steel blade with special "dark iron" finish; deeply fullered; accented with etchings of mythic rune-like characters, other cool motifs
  • Blade intersected by rustic leather-bound blade grip with ornamental cast metal insignia; exquisite relief work, special dark finish throughout sword
  • Impeccably detailed cast metal hilt; distinctive "bat wing" guard profile; leather-wrapped handle grip; unique spiked pommel design
  • Ultimate showpiece for home, office, studio, any space; includes wooden display plaque with silkscreen graphics, commemorative coin inset
  • Truly a collector's dream and rare beauty; extremely limited production run; includes custom Kit Rae fantasy art print, certificate of authenticity
  • Overall length: 44 3/4" - eye-catching and bold; demands attention and admiration (and gets it!)