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NEX39 quicker air riot baton
Nextool riot baton
1m extended riot baton Nex39
NEX-39 quicker air riot baton
nex39 tail unlock button

NEX Quicker Riot Baton N39C Quic (Air)

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N39C Quic (Air) is a 1-m / 39-in long expandable riot baton for police & law enforcement. It’s of NEX Quicker batons family with our patented NEX Lock design, which makes the batons 2-m impact-resistant, smooth to open and close, and less wobbly. Made of aerospace aluminum alloy & alloy steel, it’s both strong & reasonably weighted. Unlike traditional riot batons, you can close or retract the baton, making it more convenient to carry. Its length of 1 meter can help you create an expanded non-lethal defensive zone. You can break windows fast with its window breaking tip, can close the baton fast with the tail unlock button. The anti-slip lines can greatly enhance your grip. 

  • Expandable
  • Enhanced alloy steel shafts (three)
  • Aluminum alloy handle
  • NEX lock inside
  • 2m impact resistant
  • 3000 N bend resistant
  • 39" expanded length
  • 12.63" collapsed length
  • Glass breaker tip
  • Tail unlock button.