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Night Watchman Camera and Charger
Night Watchman Security Camera With Charger
Discreet Security Camera and USB Charger

Night Watchman 8GB USB Spy Camera/Charger

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If increased home or office security is required, this is a great solution for just that purpose...  The "Night Watchman 8GB USB Spy Camera/Charger."
The perfect hidden camera for almost any surveillance situation because it’s highly unlikely someone would suspect it. It records in clear high definition color video, giving you a clear view of wherever you need covert video surveillance, and charges your electronics. The video recording can be quickly accessed by plug and play into your computer. It also features motion activated recording. The internal 8G Micro SD card supports loop recording, overwriting old files when the SD card is full, making it easy to use on a daily basis. Since the camera angle points slightly upward, the charger is especially perfect for plugging into floor-level outlets.