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Night Watchman Jo Staff - Polypropylene Construction, Training Tool
Night Watchman 4ft training Jo Staff
Night Watchman Self Defence training Bo Staff

Night Watchman 4 ft Jo Staff

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It’s important for you or your martial arts students to have a good, quality training jo staff to hone fighting skills with. Our Night Watchman Jo Staff is constructed of high impact-resistant polypropylene that will take a beating for years without wearing down. Because of its perfect weight and balance, it is perfect for the intense training required to master the art of staff fighting!

  • This is a must-have training quality tool for the serious martial artist or martial arts school
  • The staff is constructed of high impact-resistant black polypropylene with almost unbreakable toughness
  • It is perfectly balanced and weighted to feel like a real wooden staff and it will take a beating for years
  • The jo staff comes in at an overall length of 4’