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Night Watchman door alarm
Hotel Travel Door Alarm
Entry Alarm for Personal Protection

Night Watchman Pro-Tec Door Alarm

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Door alarm, personal security tool and travel safety product.

Thugs and intruders are meaner and more brazen than ever before. It’s a sad fact and we all have to be as vigilant as possible. We’ve got something to help you out on that score, though. This door alarm from Night Watchman utilizes dual-sensing technology to emit a shrill, 110 dB alarm if someone touches your doorknob. That’s right - they touch it, and the siren goes off! It works for virtually any door with a turning door knob, even if the thug is wearing gloves. This makes it effective on two fronts: it will let you know somebody's trying to intrude, and it will most likely scare off the intruder. Get one for your home, office or even bedroom door! It’s a must-have security accessory for this day and age!

  • Dual-sensing technology
  • Works on metal and wooden doors
  • Emits a 110 dB alarm
  • Works on any door or window
  • A must if you're planning a trip