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Ninja EDC Multitool Pocket Knife
Carabiner Ninja Pocket Tool
EDC Carabiner Multi-tool
Every Day Carry Pocket Tool
Ninja Pocket Knife
Trixie & Milo Ninja Pocket Tool

Ninja Multi Tool- Trixie & Milo

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The super stealthy NINJA TOOL is so sneaky, you can fit it into your wallet like a credit card.  A solid steel and aluminium locking carabiner with a folding knife hidden inside. A stealthy and useful tool, whether in your wallet or on your keyring, ‘The Ninja’ is wicked cool!!

Size: 1.78" x 3.78"

Functions: 2.5" steel blade, x2 screw drivers, locking carabiner, and bottle opener.

Made in China.