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Casstrom No 3 Leather Belt Dangler Black
All Black Belt Dangler

Belt Dangler - Leather Loop with D-ring Dangler

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If you wear a knife on your belt using the belt loop on the sheath it is usual to find the knife carries too high and too close.  By putting a dangler on the belt and using the D-ring to hold the knife using the belt loop you lower the carry and can get the knife right where you need it.

Leather Loop with D-ring Dangler specifications:

Dimensions: 5.5"
Color: Black or Bronze
D-ring is made of 8mm thick aluminum and tested up to a 450kg breaking load.
Belt loop is made of 3mm thick vegetable tanned cowhide.
The loop can take belts with a width up to 5cm (2 inches).
The D-ring will take knife sheaths with a belt loop up to 34mm (1.34 inch) wide.
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