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Ridge Runner Bramblechase Fixed Blade Knife
Ridge Runner Bowie Knife
Ridge Runner Hunting Knife

Ridge Runner Bramblechase Fixed Blade Knife with Nylon Sheath

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Few knives combine extreme cutting efficiency, superb hand-feel, extensive versatility and maximum value as well as the Ridge Runner Bramblechase Fixed Blade Knife. It's the ideal all-arounder, boasting a robust, but not bulky, clip point blade, forged from rugged stainless steel and finely honed to a razor sharp edge. Vibrant, mirror polished spacers, guard and pommel beautifully offset the mellow caramel tones of the pakkawood handle. Ergonomic finger choils, along with the knife's impeccable overall balance and weight distribution, make the Bramblechase a pleasure to wield, reducing fatigue and boosting control. At 11" overall, the Bramblechase is amply sized to take on the biggest jobs, while its smart design and outstanding feel make it equally well suited to fine, delicate tasks. Housed in the included heavy duty nylon belt sheath, the Bramblechase is easy to transport - around the home or farm, deep in remote back country and beyond. Regardless of where you take it or how you use it, however, the surprisingly affordable Ridge Runner Bramblechase is built to last for a lifetime of "chasing" down any adventure!

  • Ideal all-arounder - powerful, great feel, affordable
  • Robust 6 3/8" stainless steel clip point blade
  • Handsome, ergonomic pakkwood handle
  • Mirror polished metal guard and pommel
  • Superb balance and overall hand-feel
  • Includes heavy duty nylon belt sheath
  • Overall length: 11"