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Secure Pro Padlock Shims
Multi Size Padlock Shims
Padlock Shims Carrying Case

Secure Pro Padlock Shims - Assorted Sizes

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Lost your padlock key? Need to access an abandoned storage shelter? Whatever the reason, Secure Pro Padlock Shims make it easy to overcome tough modern padlocks. Unlike unwieldy, expensive bolt cutters, these handy, easy-to-use shims won’t destroy padlocks, and they don’t require massive arm strength to use them. Made of thin and flexible yet durable spring steel, this set includes shims in three different sizes with color-coded comfortable grip handles. They’re designed to save you time and energy and are great for beginners learning to pick different types of locks, veteran locksmiths and everyone in between. Rather than fumbling around with small tools, holding the padlock still with one hand and trying to the pick the mechanism with the other, simply push an appropriately sized shim between the hasp and lock body and twist to disengage the locking mechanism. That’s it! No need to worry about unusual padlocks. Get a set of these padlock shims today and never wrestle with bolt cutters or stand around waiting on a costly locksmith again!

  • Makes it easy to quickly pick any padlock
  • Colored coded comfortable grip handles
  • Made of thin yet durable spring steel
  • Includes shims in three different sizes
  • Great for lost keys, combinations
  • Less expensive than bolt cutters
  • Comes in plastic carrying case