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SWAT-T Tourniquet Trauma Care Device
SWAT-T First Aid Trauma Tourniquet

SWAT-T Tourniquet - Trauma Care Device

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Tourniquets are applied between the wound and the heart.  Apply until arterial pulse and bleeding are stopped.  Safe for 2 hours. Longer application may cause loss of extremity.

  • Elastic Wrap can be used to secure ice to sprains or strains.  Also used for splinting.
  • Pressure Dressing wrap over gauze - ensure pulse!
  • Get more info on Tourniquets from the SWAT-T website.

Multi-function trauma care device. Stretch, wrap, and tuck tourniquet can also be used as a pressure bandage or elastic wrap. Allows a rapid means to control bleeding to help prevent loss of life. Easy to use with no prior training. Color: Black or Orange