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Trailblazer Drybag Survival Kit
Lightweight Drybag For All Outdoor Sports
Survival Kit Camping Hiking Fishing Hunting

Trailblazer Drybag Survival Kit

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This Trailblazer Drybag Survival Kit is an essential, must have for your vehicle, and/or your outdoor sports bag, survival bug-out gear, and camping/hiking nap sacks.
  • This kit has all the survivor essentials in a tidy little water-proof package, assuring you that the live-saving tools remain dry
  • The survival kit includes an orange and silver emergency blanket, an emergency whistle and a signal mirror
  • It also includes fire tinder, a flint and striker, a mini fishing kit, some duct tape and a small button compass
  • The 3 3/4” x 6”x 1”, water-resistant drybag is made of sturdy materials and can also be used to keep valuables or electronics dry